Sunday, March 28, 2010

Praying for Grace

So recently God has called me to help co-lead a bible study at church...... at first I was excited, then I was nervous, and now I praying for huge amount of grace and courage.  The last few month I have had the opportunity to grow in the Lord with some amazing women, and I have seen God begin to really work on the deeper issues of  my heart.  The leader of my study recently approached me and said she felt that God was prompting her to ask me about co-leading the study with her.  After several weeks of prayer, I felt the Lord calling me out of my comfort zone to step up to the challenge.

We will be working through Max Lucado's Fearless study.  After meeting tonight I am excited, but also nervous.  I know that in embracing the co-leader role I am going to be stepping out meeting more people and really opening myself up.  I know that God will give me the grace I need to fulfill what He has called me to do, but the anticipation of it beginning seems to be pressing on my shoulders.

Through this study I can feel that God is going to bless me with new friendships, as well as to take my relationship with him to a new level.  If you think of me, would you say a few prayers that I am open to God's voice and His plan for this study?!  I know I am going to need all of the prayers I can get.



  1. I just finished saying a prayer for you! I know that the Holy Spirit will bless you with all of the guidance, wisdom, and peace that you need to lead the study. :-)

  2. I can think of no one better to lead a girl's bible study than you. You'll be in my prayers and I KNOW that you are going to do an awesome job

  3. This is awesome steph! I will be praying for u