Monday, September 24, 2012

Bumpdate: 24 weeks

First, let's start with some non pregnancy related things.  I have finally figured out that 3rd grade is different than 4th grade.  The biggest difference?  The boys cannot keep their hands to themselves!!!!!! I know they are boys, but seriously, can't we walk down the hall once without someone stepping on the back of someone else's shoes or poking them.

The Broncos can't seem to pull it together the last few games.  I will not abandon my team, but it may be a very long season.  I think the real reason they are losing is because I don't have a Bronco shirt that fits my over my growing belly.  Feel free, fellow Denver fans to fix this problem! ;)

The Tuesday evening bible study that I lead started back up last Tuesday.  We are doing Beth Moore's James: Mercy Triumphs study.  So far it is awesome.  The most intimidating thing about it is that the study has 120+ women in it, and I am in charge.  Yikes!  God has been so great walking beside my in tackling this study.  He has blessed me with an awesome support system through our women's ministry and wonderful women to lead table groups.  I think God has some big plans in store for all of us and I know that He is already shaking up a few things in my life just in this first week.  I love the truth and depth to Beth Moore's studies.

I got an iphone 5.  Why you might ask, because my husband ordered it for me! Now he is jealous and wants one of his own.  He tried to take mine and leave me cell phoneless, but that didn't work out, so he now has to wait until October.

Now on to all things baby!  I know we want little Audrey to wait to make her arrival, but we have 3 of the essentials now.  Carseat, stroller, and pack and play (her nursery for now).  Our tiny house is slowly being taken over by baby stuff.  I can't imagine what it is going to be like after showers.  I better come up with an organization/storage system soon!

24 Weeks

How far along? 24 Weeks

Size of baby? Ear of Corn- she gained about 4 oz this last week--that would explain my need to eat more often!

Total weight gain? Holding steady at 12 pounds

Maternity Clothes? Maternity pants for sure,  some tops, but a lot of my "old" stretchy, loose dresses and tops. Occasionally I try to squeeze into some normal tops, but I am finding them too short and tight.

Sleep? Still can't complain, other than the massive leg cramp that happened (Luckily only once so far!)

Best moment of the week? Still loving feeling Audrey move more and more. Her movements are getting stronger!  Hearing her heartbeat at the Dr. on Wednesday.  She is holding strong at 150bpm and loves camping out on my lower right side.  Also, yesterday when Stinson began singing about Christmas coming and then about how Audrey will be here after Christmas all while unloading the dishwasher.

Miss anything? Bending over with ease. Shoes that fit without squeezing my feet.

Movement? Yes!  I think Stinson will be able to feel her this week.  I think he could have the other night, but he was sleeping, so he didn't want to move to see.

Cravings? Nothing major.  Last week I was dying for some chips and salsa, so of course I bought some!

Symptoms? Leg cramps- only once, heartburn has become a frequent visitor lately/

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? Thick band on, diamond off (it's too tight :(  )

Mood? Mostly normal, but cranky and grumpy watching the Broncos play the Texans yesterday.  Payton better pull it together or this pregnant lady might come unglued!

Looking forward to? Getting my new car next weekend!

New Car- but mine is blue, 99 Expedition Eddie Bauer Edition


Monday, September 10, 2012

Bumpdate: Week 22

Life is busy.  Football is here (we literally watched football for 10 hours straight yesterday), school is chugging along, and I got to watch the Wyoming Cowgirls volleyball team take on the KU Jayhawks on Saturday.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed volleyball.  Jenna and I talked about going to watch the KU girls a few more times this season because they're pretty good.

I've got some projects planned for my classroom, so maybe I'll post those next time!

How far along? 22 Weeks

Size of baby? Basically a small doll and a little over a pound!

Total weight gain? up to 12-13 pounds now!

Maternity Clothes? Maternity pants for sure,  some tops, but a lot of my "old" stretchy, loose dresses and tops.

Sleep? Still can't complain too much, other than the waking up thing.  I seem to hate waking up these days and feel like I could sleep all day when my alarm goes off.  Once I shower I am usually fine!

Best moment of the week? Feeling Audrey move!  I know she's been busy for a while, but it is amazing to actually feel it.

Miss anything? Sleeping on my stomach.  It's becoming more and more uncomfortable :(

Movement? Yes!  Stinson can't feel her yet, but I definitely can now.

Cravings? Still no cravings, and still in love with French Toast (especially from Mom's Kitchen)

Symptoms? I have achy days here and there, but nothing crazy or too uncomfortable yet.

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? Thick band on, diamond off (it's too tight :(  )

Mood? Mostly normal, have had moments of crazy- really hyper or suddenly cranky

Looking forward to? The next dr. appointment in a week and half to see how our little bean is doing.  I love hearing her heartbeat!

Here are some of the beginning bump pictures!

First Bump Picture at 14 Weeks

16 Week Bump

18 Weekish  & 1st Day of School 2012

22 Weeks


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bumpdate: 20 Weeks

I decided to make an effort to blog more throughout my pregnancy, in hopes that I will keep up with it once Audrey arrives.  I would like to be better about documenting our lives here.  I am going to do the "typical" preggo update every few weeks.

How far along? 20 weeks 5 days

Size of baby? Banana (7 in, 11 oz)

Total weight gain? 8 pounds so far

Maternity Clothes? Maternity pants for sure, squeezing into old ones with the belly band has become super uncomfortable, some tops, but a lot of my "old" stretchy, loose dresses and tops.

Sleep? So far, still sleeping well.  Usually wake up once a night, but no complaints.

Best moment of the week? Last week when one of my students said, "Mrs. Dean, I can see your baby today!"

Miss anything? Being able to bend over to put shoes on comfortably.

Movement? A few times at night, but nothing consistent yet.  Darn placenta is providing her with some  extra cushion.

Cravings? Not really, I am currently in love with french toast.  It is my go to Saturday morning breakfast.

Symptoms? A little swelling at the end of the day, but nothing to complain about yet.  Tired, but I blame that more on my students than being pregnant.

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? Thick band on, diamond off (it's too tight :(  )

Mood? Normal, although I did have one crazy hormonal day earlier this week.  Stinson couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.

Looking forward to? Feeling Audrey move!  I am hoping that I can feel her all of the time really soon!

Here I am last Sunday at 19 weeks 7 days. My belly has definitely grown this week.

A little other life update for you, 3rd grade = awesome!  I love my class of kiddos. I lucked out and the class I have this year is super mature so I haven't had too hard of a time adjusting to their age, it also helps that they are a bright bunch!  It is really fun to learn a new grade level and I am really enjoying getting to know a new team of people.

Football season is finally here!  Stinson will be doing the radio for MidAmerica again this year.  The first game is today.  I am going to skip going due to the rain, but I'll tune in to hear his commentary.  I can't wait to watch Manning play for the Broncos and watch the Chiefs have another "stellar" year!

Little Audrey already has a closet full of adorable clothes.  I can't wait to put her in them.  I haven't looked at them in a while, so that is how I spent the first part of my morning.  I wonder what the dogs will think of her when she gets her.  I have a feeling Mia is going to have to adjust to not being held whenever she wants. I also can't wait for Audrey to meet her cousin Campbell.  I think they will be good friends and stir up trouble when they're together, but we'll have to wait and see.

Well, I think that is all for now!  I know it was random, but that is how my brain operates these days.