Monday, September 10, 2012

Bumpdate: Week 22

Life is busy.  Football is here (we literally watched football for 10 hours straight yesterday), school is chugging along, and I got to watch the Wyoming Cowgirls volleyball team take on the KU Jayhawks on Saturday.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed volleyball.  Jenna and I talked about going to watch the KU girls a few more times this season because they're pretty good.

I've got some projects planned for my classroom, so maybe I'll post those next time!

How far along? 22 Weeks

Size of baby? Basically a small doll and a little over a pound!

Total weight gain? up to 12-13 pounds now!

Maternity Clothes? Maternity pants for sure,  some tops, but a lot of my "old" stretchy, loose dresses and tops.

Sleep? Still can't complain too much, other than the waking up thing.  I seem to hate waking up these days and feel like I could sleep all day when my alarm goes off.  Once I shower I am usually fine!

Best moment of the week? Feeling Audrey move!  I know she's been busy for a while, but it is amazing to actually feel it.

Miss anything? Sleeping on my stomach.  It's becoming more and more uncomfortable :(

Movement? Yes!  Stinson can't feel her yet, but I definitely can now.

Cravings? Still no cravings, and still in love with French Toast (especially from Mom's Kitchen)

Symptoms? I have achy days here and there, but nothing crazy or too uncomfortable yet.

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? Thick band on, diamond off (it's too tight :(  )

Mood? Mostly normal, have had moments of crazy- really hyper or suddenly cranky

Looking forward to? The next dr. appointment in a week and half to see how our little bean is doing.  I love hearing her heartbeat!

Here are some of the beginning bump pictures!

First Bump Picture at 14 Weeks

16 Week Bump

18 Weekish  & 1st Day of School 2012

22 Weeks



  1. Ahhhhh!!! Cutest thing ever! I LOVE seeing you with a little baby bump, please keep them coming since I can't see you grow in person :)

    1. Thanks Court! It is crazy how fast my belly has changed in the last couple of weeks. There may be a trip to Colorado in store for us soon, I'll keep you posted!

  2. You are looking amazing! What a blessing it is when they move around and you get to feel it. I know Stinson will be just as excited to feel little Miss Audrey as you are. Keep up the posts and thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! I have had fun keeping up with you, Kevin, and Owen! I can't wait for him to get here!

  3. Steph, you are one cute prego woman! :) I love your outfit in your 18 week photo. There's no greater feeling than feeling life move inside you, is there?. That was my favorite part of pregnancy. I'll enjoy following your journey before you get to meet Audrey. :)
    P.S. Did I tell you that I LOVE the name Audrey? Caleb and I seriously considered that name for Elliana.

    1. Thanks Christine! We lover her name too! It is Stinson grandmother's name, so it has a lot of meaning to us too! I love keeping up with you and your kiddos. They are so precious, and I can't believe how quickly they are growing. I love their sibling relationship, it reminds me of Ryan and I.

  4. Steph! I love all of the pictures! I agree with Christine and Courtney...cute and pregnant!!

  5. Thanks friend! Can't wait to see more of the house!