Saturday, February 18, 2012

In love with a little man

I knew I loved Campbell from the minute Sara & Kennedy told us back in May that we'd be an aunt and uncle, but I love him even more now that I've held him.

It is so crazy how much you can love someone. My heart has been bursting full of love ever since Campbell entered this world on Jan.13. It makes me think about God loves us. The love I have for my sweet nephew is like the love He has for me multiplied by a million. The thought of it makes me take a step back in awe and makes me so grateful to know how much I am loved.

I am excited to watch Campbell grow. I know that he is wrapped in so much love, and that this love will shape him into wonderful boy and man that he will become. Right now everything he does is so perfect and cute. I am loving every minute I have to spend with him this weekend. Here are a few pictures of Campbell's proud Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Stinson.