Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's that Time of Year

I always know the school year is approaching because I start having back to school nightmares.  Students are showing up when my classroom isn't ready or I have a meeting that keeps me from picking my kids up from specials and they have been unsupervised for the last hour and I walk in to find utter chaos, I am sure you all have these dreams too!  These dreams never fail to wake me up in a panic only to realize that there is still 4 weeks until school starts.

I am excited for the school year to begin and get to know a new awesome bunch of students.  I know that this year is going to hold lots of new and exciting things, and that my students are going to accomplish some great things.  At the start of a new year, and especially this year, I miss my students from the year before.  I miss knowing their interests and the great relationships we have.  I think that this year will be especially hard because I had a special class last year that made a deep impact on me as a person and a teacher.  I will look forward to hearing all about their 5th grade adventures!

I have some big plans in store for this school year and I am hoping that I can make them all come to be.  Sometimes it is hard to figure out where everything is going to fit and what things are going to get tossed, but in the end it usually all gets done.  Yesterday I was at a math workshop, sounds boring I know, but it was one of the best workshops I have been to.  The author who gave the workshop, Greg Tang, was amazing and gave me so many great ideas about how to improve my math instruction.  It got me pumped up to be back at school.

I thought I would end this post with some highlights from my latest trip out to Colorado.  Each time I am out there I am reminded of how much I love it.  I really hope that one day Stinson and I are able to call it home, especially since the heat and humidity are about to kill me.  One of my dearest friends married the love of her life a couple weeks ago.  The wedding and events leading up to it were so beautiful.  It was one of those weddings that was so filled with love that you felt tears in your eyes at just about every moment.  Kristen of course was stunning, and Adam looked great too.  Everything was so perfect and so Kristen.  I know that God is going to pour out lots of blessings on their marriage.  There is no one more deserving of love and happiness than Kristen.

After the wedding I headed up to Cheyenne for my first every Cheyenne Frontier Days.  It was so fun to spend the day with my college roommates relaxing at John & Angie's gorgeous house just outside of Cheyenne.  The concert was also great and rekindled the country girl in me.  Before I headed back home for a little more time with Grandma, I met up with my dear friend Chrissie for a cup of coffee.  I love reconnecting face to face with good friends, I always seem to leave feeling refreshed.

I will leave you with a few of the many pictures from the wedding weekend!

Rachel & her precious baby Em, Court, Kristen & I on the Kristen's last day as a DenBoer

The gorgeous historic church that they got married in.

The bride and I...don't worry I didn't wear this to the wedding!

Some more great friends and I.  Loved reconnecting with Amber and Erin

The Bride and Groom- Can't you tell how in love they are?!

Me Dancing it up--there is a much more embarrassing one that I spare you

Chrissie and I enjoying the nice Laramie Summer Day!