Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baby on the Way

Well, I can finally tell the online world that I'm pregnant! Stinson and I are so excited to be welcoming a baby girl in January.

This weekend we had family in town for the big gender reveal. We crammed my parents, sister, Stinson's mom and grandmother into the ultra sound room. It was so fun to watch her kick and move her arms. She was all curled up and it took a while for her to cooperate to know if she was a boy or girl. Finally, she decided to and the ultra sound tech said, "There it is..." and we all thought she was going to tell us that it was a boy, but then she exclaimed that it was a girl. We all oohed and aaahhed over her and knowing that it is a her!

We were all in awe of watching her move. She is a busy girl. It looked like she was practicing her volleyball spikes in there. I could not believe all we could see. It was amazing to see her tiny nose, feet, and hands. Baby hands and feet are so precious!

Of course there was lots of shopping that happened following the ultra sound. She's already one spoiled little girl. I am so glad we found out, and I love knowing that she's a girl. I can call her by name and picture holding a precious little girl in my arms.

I am still taking in the miracle happening inside of me right now. It is so crazy how God is knitting her together right now. I think that's probably enough for now. I'll leave you with a couple of pictures from the ultra sound.

Here is miss Audrey Elizabeth