Sunday, April 18, 2010

Slightly Absent

I apologize for not being around lately.  Spring is here and when spring comes things seem to really pick up.  The last two weeks I have been overing over my students shoulders as they take their state assessment, kicking and screaming on the inside at a few of their answers, and the fact that I can't believe they missed that question because it is something we have talked about the whole year!  But now that is behind me and it is on to keeping them focused on the fact that we will be in school until June 2.  They about pushed me off the cliff to join the teachers who have lost their mind, but thankfully the bell rang and they went home for the weekend!  I left them with some serious consequences should things not improve by Monday at 4p.m., we'll see how they respond.

Last weekend was like an episode of Tool Time around our house.  Adrian and Stinson were busy learning how to put up new gutters and assembly a work bench.  While they boys were hard at work with tools, I was busy ripping out all of the ivy in front of the house.  After two hours and three yard wast bags I felt like I had made some progress.  Then I looked at all of the stuff we have to dig out before I can put in all of the flowers I want.  The back yard will be our major project this summer.  Enjoy some pictures from our home inprovement weekend.

Oh, I forgot to metion that last weekend, Stinson achieved one of his life long goals, holding a wild snake.  In the middle of ripping out ivy this little guy slithered by and scared me half to death.  Of course I screamed, the boys came running, and decided they needed to pick it up!  Yuck!

Our Little Friend

Stinson and the Snake


The Gutter Men

Stinson really is Tim the Tool Man Taylor!

My weekend project before I started


All of the stuff I ripped waiting to be picked up by the yard waste people

Work Bench


  1. I bet you're so ready for school to be out. I'm sorry you still have awhile left. Hope you are doing good, we need a phone date soon.

  2. I love the house improvement pics. It's ironic we're doing the same things hundreds of miles away. :) Had a nice visit with C, we said more than once, dang I wish Steph could be here. Love u, xoxo Ang