Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's the Simple Things

Today my mind has been focused on the simple things in life.  Things like a refreshing morning at church where you feel warm, welcomed, and like you're home.  Simple things like the power of God is wrapping around you as hundreds of people lift their voice together in song.  Or the words of a pastor ringing true in your heart, so much so you think he wrote that sermon just for you.

It's simple things like sipping a homemade eggnog latte after finishing lesson plans with the sound of football announcers in the background.

It can be a kiss from a loving husband on his way out the door, or a hug just because he loves you!

Today has been simple, which I am learning is not a bad thing. Here is to a simply wonderful day!


  1. Days like that are the best! You appreciate the small things and learn what's really important.
    I'm jealous you can make eggnog lattes from home...

  2. You're so cute! That eggnog latte looks delicious!