Friday, July 3, 2009

The summer of the Boys!

Being a summer is nanny is really sharpening my inner-mother, and teaching me many things about what I can look forward to as a mom. The 3 boys I nanny are taking me for a spin on the ride of the Life with Boys! Each day is constantly go, go, go. Boys are much different than girls. They like to hit, wrestle and speak at the top of their lungs all the time; girls like to play dolls, dress up, color, and have tea parties. Boys live for competition and action.

I am learning that if you want something done quickly the thing to say is, "I am going to time you to see how fast you can do it!" What may have started with moans, and complains, is now embraced with an eager, ready to do it at the speed of light attitude.

I am really enjoying my trip to boy land and all the things that little boys like to do and the funny things they say. Jeff, Carson, and Andy keep me on my toes and active all day long. I am the designated pitcher for baseball, the person who throws the ball while they jump in the pool and catch it as well as the human jungle gym!

They boys and I have done several fun things this summer and here are a few pictures of the boys I spend 3 days a week with. We made surprise cookies for their mom's birthday, headed out to Science City, and just this week went to the Royals game.

I used to think I wanted 3 boys.....ask me again at the end of the summer if I still do!

Stinson braved the Royals game with me and the boys!

Me with Andy and Carson enjoying the not-so-good Royals!
Aren't they precious?! Carson and Andy showing their brotherly love.

During a big rainstorm one evening Stinson discovered a rather large frog in our backyard. As soon as I laid eyes on it I knew I had to capture it to take to the boys the next morning. After a few failed attempts by me to catch the frog (mostly because I refused to touch it with my hands), Stinson successfully captured the frog! The boys loved the frog and set it free in their backyard.



  1. Look at you Ms. tan!
    You are too cute and you are going to make a GREAT mother someday!

  2. a little glimpse into my life as a mother! 3 boys! the very best!

    stinson's mom