Saturday, July 25, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Wedding Dress

I saw this on my friend Courtney's blog and thought I would join the fun. This idea comes from Kelly's Corner Show Us Your Wedding Dress.

Stinson and I were married May 25, 2008. I always knew that I wanted a very traditional, very elegant wedding. I feel like our day was both of those things and more. I have always been drawn to anything black and white, so these were the colors I choose for our wedding, with a dash of red to keep things lively.

I had been dress shopping once before the day we found "The Dress". I thought I had found the dress that I loved at a small bridal shop in Windsor, but I decided to keep looking. The day I found my dress was perfect for me. I was out shopping with my mom, sister, and dad. We went in to a small bridal shop in Loveland called Swept Away. As I was selecting dresses to try on my mom thought I should try this one because it was different and not strapless. In the picture and on the hanger it looked like a dress an old lady might wear, but the moment I put it on I began to glow. It was an instant winner with everyone. My grandma and her sisters stopped by to give their stamp of approval!

The front of the dress has a sweet heart neck line with lots of beading and applique flowers that came to a point at my waist. Near the bottom there is also some flower and bead detail. One of my favorite parts of the dress is the 3/4 length lace sleeves. They remindend me of the olden days, which I loved.

I loved the back of the dress. I liked how it scooped and the long train. The train had the same flower and bead detail all down the back of it. Everything about it fit our day and all that I hoped it would be. The best pictures I could find were from my fitting, so excuse the informalness of them!



  1. Beautiful bride and beautiful wife. I'm glad the Deans are the ones who got to add you to their family!

  2. Yay for looking at wedding dresses! Yours was so perfect for you!