Sunday, October 20, 2013

9 months

***Disclaimer: this post was written a month ago and never got published. 

I blinked and another month went flying by. I need time to slow down just a little. 

At 9 months old you, Miss Audrey, continue to fill our lives with an abundance of joy. Your little voice warms my heart and brings a smile to my face. These days you are saying things like mama, dada, dad, something that sounds like duck, nana, yaya, the other day I swear you looked and Mia and said dog, something that sounds like all done, and so much more. You are a Chatty-Cathy like your mom. When we are out and about you have started talking with people who return your smile. At Costco the other day a couple was loving your smile and shared with me what a sweet smile and spirit you have. It is so cool to know that others see in you the things your dad and I see. 

You continue to be a busy bee. Weekly and monthly photos have become quite a challenge because you are always on the move, and as soon as I get you settled and pick up my camera you are off and moving again. Any other pictures we snap of you are not as crisp as they used to be, something is a always blurry. 

This past week you started walking with your push cart and love cruising around your room. When dad picked you up from school the other day he said you were cruising under the table holding on to the chairs to walk all the way around so you could crawl to him. One of your new favorite things is walking while you hold our fingers. I love how you take big steps and you stomp your feet as you walk. 

Speaking of pictures, you know when we are taking your picture now. You often flash a smile when you see us pick up our phone. Now we just need to teach  you to say cheese!

You continue to surprise and amaze us. I know there is so much more I could write, but I have to save some things for next week!!

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