Saturday, September 21, 2013

7 & 8 Month Letter

Let's start with the fact that being a working mom means very little time for blogging. (I know that staying home is no cup of tea either). Audrey's 7 month birthday came and went in the middle of the start of another school year. Basically I'm going from 5:30am-9/10:00pm at night. I am starting to find my balance with my school load, but it's been hard. Now if I can find the motivation to do a little house cleaning all will be well.

I've been soaking up every minute home with Audrey. I feel like each stage goes faster than the previous one. Here are the highlights from the last couple of months.

Audrey you are a girl on the move. You started rocking and army crawling since the end of July. Now, at 8 months, you are crawling all over.  You know how to get to what you want and how to get there quickly. Diaper changes have become wrestling matches see days. Sometimes it is all I can do to get a diaper in you and often I find myself putting your pants back on while you're one the move.

You have two adorable bottom teeth, and as of last week you are working on your top teeth. You love to eat. I think right now your favorite foods are scrambled eggs, green beans, turkey, apples, and of course toast. It has been fun to watch you improve with your eating skills and we often FaceTime with family during meals because it easier to keep you on the screen! ;)

I am living everything about this stage right now. You are such  a chatter box and everyday you add a new sound to your vocabulary. You still love to babble in your car seat, but you also love to talk while you're playing and when others talk to you. One of my favorite things is that you play peek-a-boo on your own. You will hold anything up on front of your face and wait for us to say, "where is Audrey?"  What I love most is your coy little smile behind whatever your holding while you wait.

Everyone loves your smile and your special way of smiling isn't your tongue out. Your teachers at school love you and you love them just as much. You have started reaching out your arms for them when we check in each morning. You love school! Every day you do so many fun things like read stories, paint, feel different textured, find your ears, eyes, nose,mouth in a mirror, and so much more. You are the favorite and I am pretty sure that you are waited on hand and foot.

You are a social butterfly. Whenever we are out you give people smiles and tell them all kinds of stories. Last weekend when we were out to eat you we're chatting with another baby sitting a few tables down. Everyone still loves your hair and your tongue-out smile. 

One of my favorite things is that you recognize and know your grandma, nana, and papa. Whenever their faces appear on screen your eyes light up and a huge smile spreads across your face. Technology is so great because it keeps us all connected and they get to watch you on action. I love that whenever we are FaceTimeing with someone you check to make sure they are watching you play. You love to go after the iPad or phone, so keeping you on screen is quite a challenge and we often FaceTime during meals because you're easily contained. 

From the very beginning you have loved feeling the wind in your hair. I can always get a giggle out of you by blowing in your hair. You've even figured out how to. Low your own hair out of your eyes. 

You bring so much joy to my life and every day I am so grateful that you are mine. I pray that you will always know you are loved, both by your dad and I, and also by your Heavenly Father. I also pray that God will fill your heart with love, grace, and compassion for others and that your confidence will come from Him. We love you more than anything. 



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