Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our 1st Place

I know that so many of you have been waiting so long for these.  So here they are FINALLY!!!!  I don't have time to type or update much because I have to run off to boot camp in about 30 minutes, so the pictures will do the talking.  I promise one day when we get internet or I have a connection longer than 30 seconds to write about our incredibly exciting lives!

Here is the final unvailing of our first house.  We love it and are so enjoying call it home.

Living Room

Master Bedroom

Guest Room



There may be more to come later.  Thanks to Sara for my new look!  Hope you like it too.


  1. Your home is beautiful!! You guys did an amazing job, it has really come a long way =)

  2. And P.S. Sara is doing such a good job with your designs!

  3. So so pretty!! I love your kitchen cabinets! They are BEAUTIFUL! You guys did a wonderful job with your first place! Congrats to you both!

  4. It's so great... congratulations!