Sunday, December 20, 2009

The joys of moving

I have forgotten how much fun it is to pack boxes.......NOT!  Myabe it is just my attitude today, but I can't stand the thought of packing another box right now.  We did pack most of the boxes last weekend, so it really shouldn't be that bad, but for some reason the thought of it today is.   As of right now I have packed two full boxes, put things that need to be carefully wrapped in another, and am currently contemplating packing one to two more before calling it a day.  It is so exciting to have a house to be moving to, but some of the pains that come along with it are starting to catch up with me.

Yesterday the rest of our major appliances were delivered.  I cannot wait to have them all in there places and put to good use.  In addition to appliances we went to pick up our new couch and my Christmas present, a Snuggie!  I never thought I would want one until I tried out my friend Amber's.  I became a Snuggie convert within minutes of putting it on.  I am so happy to have one of my own now!  It is one of the warmest things that I own and I know I will use it for many, many years!

This week we have found ourselves a bit frustrated in the whole remodel process.  It seems that things we were told we be done, have not yet been completed.  While we know this is normal, we still feel frustrated because we just want to get into the house.  The delays have only pushed moving in back a week or so, but to us it is a week too long!  This being our first house together, we are marking off the days until we can move in. 

Inspite of the frustration. it was amazing to see our colors up on the walls!  The pictures don't quite capture the fullness of the colors, but maybe one day you will make a trip to see and get to expierence them in person!
Our Bedroom Walls- The blue is the same color as the bathroom

Guest Bedroom

Laundry room

Me with my blue wall!  I love it!

Stinson with the tile he picked out to match the backsplash in the kitchen.  The kitchen wall color is behind him

In the aniticipation of moving we packed a million boxes last weekend.  This past week when I was going to make dinenr and treats for my class, I realized we may have been a little over zealous because many things I need were already boxed up and waiting to be unpacked in the garage of the new house.  It is nice to glace around the house and see the barren walls and empty places that mean we are embraking on new part of our journey as a married couple.  We both know it is one that has been given to us by our Heavenly Father, one that we are greatful for, and one we know will bring much joy!

Tuesday we will be taking off for New Jersey to spend Christmas with Stinson's family.  We are looking forward to spening time with them at Brantley and Caroline's home as well as some time in the city.  Neither of us have been to New York City before and we are both looking forwar to all of the things the Big Apple is known for.  We are excited to get a glimpse into Brantley and Caroline's lives and home.

I am not sure when I will be back to blog again, but I am wishing all of you a Christmas season full of Christ, family, love, peace and joy!

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  1. Holy cow Steph!!! The house looks fantastic! Completely different than even a couple of weeks ago.
    I can't wait to see all your stuff in and decorations put up. Merry Christmas, hope you have fun with the Dean side.