Sunday, June 2, 2013

4 Months

I missed three months-- went back to work and never had time to blog about the three month milestones. Oops.

I've been back to work for about 6 weeks and have a little over 1 left to go. And now that I am finishing this post, I am done with school for the ear, so I'm all yours!

What a month has it been. You are rolling from your back to your tummy all the time. You LOVE sleeping on your stomach. Recently, you have really started showing interest in little buddy. You love to talk to her before you fall  asleep, and sometimes you'll talk for 20 minutes, it's the cutest thing ever. You are getting better at putting yourself to sleep, and rarely fuss more than a minute or two.

You smile and talk all the time. You started laughing for Aunt Bailey. You don't do it too often, but Uncle Ryan and I have gotten a couple out of you. You've had lots of family in and out of the house helping take care of you. You're one lucky girl to have so many people that love you. Everyone has developed their own special bond with you and each seem to have something special with you. Aunt Julie started doing exercises with you and you love them. 

You continue to amaze us with your strength. You love standing and are much sturdier these days. You support your head so well. You love your exersaucer and have mastered turning the pages in the book and moving the tiger beads back and forth. You have started the beginning stages of sitting up. 

Dad seems to be the one who gets the most smiles out of you. You love talking to him and telling him your stories. You always look for him when you hear his voice. 

I think that covers most of it. You're up to so much it is hard to get it all down in words. You are such a joy and I love seeing your personality emerge. I can't wait to spend all summer with you!

Oh yea, you found your toes! You are really starting to love them!

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