Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm a sewing machine

Pun intended.

When I bought my sewing machine 4 years ago I thought I'd sew a lot more, not that I know how to sew more than a semi- straight line. Fast forward to 2013. My 1980's Montgomery Ward machine has been dusted off and put to work. So far this year it has sewed curtains, a crib skirt, and changing pad cover for Audrey's room, and yesterday some bibs and burp cloths for a friend.

I had a blast sewing these little gems yesterday. My mom's friend Jane sewed me these tiny bibs for Audrey and they became a necessity for a spitting up baby. The bibs you get at the store swallow a newborn, so these tiny bibs were perfect! I knew they'd make perfect gifts for my other mom friends, so I traced the bib she made me to make a pattern, cut out my fabric, sewed like sides together, turned right side out and sewed it shut. Last step, attach Velcro and you're done!

The matching burp cloths are just a rectangle sewn on a cloth diaper, super easy and fun. Added bonus, they're big enough to absorb all of that spit up!

I had a blast sewing yesterday, so much so, that I'm thinking about trying my hand at a pillow case dress for Audrey!

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  1. Looooove it! Sewing is more fun when it involves babies.