Monday, January 14, 2013

40 Weeks

It's her due date! I knew she probably wouldn't come early, but a girl can always hope.  It has been fun seeing everyone's predictions and wishes for her arrival.  I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many awesome family members and friends sending us lots of encouraging words and offering up prayers for healthy delivery.  Audrey is one loved girl and I love that her entrance to this world is being so carefully prayed for.

The planner in me wishes I knew the exact day she's going to make her entrance into the world, but is fun waiting and wondering if today will be the day.  Sometimes I worry that I won't know when I go into labor, I know it's silly, but it crosses my mind from time to time.  Surely from what I heard in our classes and from others at some point I will KNOW.

I officially started my maternity leave today.  I was planning on teaching up until the moment that I went into labor, but I am glad I decided to start on her due date.  It is a huge weight off of my shoulders not wondering if I will get to school, go into labor, and figure things out from there.  I am hoping that it will also make for a smooth transition for my students and my long term sub.  I am going to miss them and they were so sweet on Friday when I told them it would be my last day with them.  They say they are going to come visit me at my new house! :)

Stinson has been working at his new job for about 2 weeks now.  He is really loving the potential that it holds and the challenges that it has in store for him.  Right now it is lots of studying and learning the ropes of trauma and device sales.

How far along? 40 Weeks

Size of baby? She is still about the size of a watermelon. I can't believe that she's about as big as she is going to get.

Total weight gain? I stopped keeping a close track.  I know that it is for baby and when I haven't been diligent about exercise and diet I can't complain.

Maternity Clothes? Do we really need to ask this one any more?! Of course, and those are barely covering the belly these days.

Sleep? The last few days have been awesome! I am getting up in the night, but the sleep in between has been very restful.  Guess my body knows life is about to change and it's stocking up on some extra sleep right now.

Best moment of the week? Just knowing that she is coming soon and things are progressing in the right direction. Heading down on the plaza for a lunch date with Stinson.  And closing on our new house!!!!!!

Miss anything? Bending over and being able to put on shoes and socks comfortably.  I have really dreaded putting them on this week.

Movement? She is still a busy girl moving around all the time.

Cravings? According to my sister I crave hot chocolate.  I think this is true and especially after the delicious hot chocolate my mom doctored up this week.  Rich cocoa mix, homemade whipped cream, and cinnamon sprinkled on top. Yes it's amazing and probably the most fattening thing you can drink, but who cares!

Symptoms? Have I mentioned stretch marks?! Ugh, they seem to be appearing everywhere, but what can you do...hoping some running and getting back into shape will make them not so obvious later on down the road.

Belly button in or out? Flattened out!

Wedding rings on or off? off :(  Can't wait to get them back on!

Mood? Normal

Looking forward to? Meeting Audrey.  Every morning I wake up thinking today could be the day!  I am so excited to kiss her fingers and toes and to stare into her face for hours on end.  We're also looking forward to moving into our new house when we're ready.  My mom and I are eager to start painting and getting Audrey's room done!  Her room is going to be the best one in the house for a while! :)



  1. You're so close! Believe me, you WILL know when real labor hits. No question. Can't wait to see pictures.

  2. Come on Audrey! Everyone wants to see you!

  3. I check my phone every morning for facebook updates!