Monday, December 17, 2012

Bumpdate- 36 Weeks

I'm doing this from my phone, so I apologize in advance for typos and if I leave anything out.

How far along? 36 weeks today!

Size of baby: last ultra sound they thought 6lbs 4ozs, about the size of a large cantaloupe

Weight gain? More than I'd care to admit, let's just say the 40lb mark isn't too far away

Maternity clothes? Yup! Pretty much all except for a few stretchy tunics. Loving leggings and sweats lately.

Sleep? Starting to get up more often to go to the bathroom and waking up with leg cramps.

Pregnancy symptoms? Heartburn pretty frequently, I think she's been sitting on a nerve because my arms and fingers have been falling asleep a lot and it's super annoying! Some back pain., and swelling in my feet.

Highlight of the week? Watching Audrey move at the ultra sound last Wednesday. Also getting to see her sweet face again. I'm so in love with it already. My mom getting to feel her move.

Looking forward to? The dr. appointment this week to see how things are progressing. Can't wait for her to get here!

Cravings? Still nothing crazy. Yesterday I couldn't keep my hands out of the white chocolate peppermint M & Ms. You should seriously try them. You'll be addicted.

Signs of labor? None that I'm aware of.

Here's the picture you're dying to see! ;)

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