Monday, October 22, 2012

Bumpdate 28-29 Weeks

Today was a long one. Got up at 5 to take the husband and some co-workers to the airport, taught all day and had some parent-teacher conferences today. Needless to say I am wiped out.

I forced myself to cook the dinner I had planned, but by the time it was done my "pre-dinner" filled me up. What's a pre-dinner? Well, it is what this pregnant lady eats while the real meal is cooking due to extreme hunger. Unfortunately, this some time leads to eating more pre-dinner than intended leading to a full belly and lunch an dinner for tomorrow.

On to all the boring stuff you really care about.

How far along? 28, almost 29 weeks

Size of baby? Cauliflower- 16 inches and 2.5lbs I can't believe how big she's getting!

Total weight gain? 20- yes that's 8 pounds more than last month- better lay off the pizza and ice cream ;)

Maternity Clothes? Maternity pants for sure, some tops, but a lot of my "old" stretchy, loose dresses and tops. Finding that many of my "normal" shirts are turning into belly shirts

Sleep? Still can't complain too much, few more leg cramps, getting too hot lately (the ac may be on all winter if it doesn't get better)

Best moment: normal glucose test, hearing her heartbeat and feeling her kick where my midwife was pushing, finding a love note in class today, feeling Audrey move all the time

Miss anything? Sleeping on my stomach, sitting on the floor conferring with my students

Movement? Yes! All the time! Stinson got to feel her boxing match the other night. She doesn't like to be pushed on.

Cravings? Nothing really. Still love pizza

Symptoms? Leg cramps a few times a week, heartburn, minor back aches here and there, sore feet, oh and apparently I snore now

Belly button in or out? In- it's stretching out though

Wedding rings on or off? Thick band on, diamond off (it's too tight :( )

Mood? Still normal, crankier on Fridays

Looking forward to? 3 Day weekend, seeing Pitch Perfect, and washing and folding more baby clothes.

The picture should be explained by the above events. The belly is all you care about any way, trust me the face isn't pretty tonight!


  1. Heartburn = lots of hair, luscious locks ahead for your little one! Oh and pitch perfect will make you cry you will laugh so hard!!

  2. I love how you have the debate on in the background, Audrey's getting her first taste of politics in utero!
    Looking good Steph :)

  3. Ha Court! I wouldn't have noticed that! You're looking great Steph :)