Sunday, January 8, 2012

Homemade Pizza

Due to a request from my sister-in-law, Sara, I thought I would post the pizza recipe I used to create today's lunch.  This productivity thing is going well so far this year!  I can't believe how motivated I have been to get stuff done this last week.  Anyway, this recipe was given to me as a shower gift from my AMAZING wedding planner Cris.  It is delicious and a hit every time.

Homemade Pizza Dough:

  1. Dissolve 1t. sugar in 1 1/3 C warm water.  Then add 2t yeast and let stand for 10 minutes
  2. Then add: 4 T oil, 1 t salt, 3 C flour  (you can use 1 C wheat flour is you would like)
  3. Mix with a wooden spoon then knead it until it is a nice, non-sticky texture.
    1. I mixed this all together with my kitchen add dough hook and it worked beautifully!  (A lot less sticky than mixing it and kneading it by hand!)
  4. Let Rise 30 minutes.
  5. Roll out--pizza roller (gift from Cris) makes this process super easy!
  6. Bake the crust at 425 for 10 minutes untopped
  7. Add desired toppings.
  8. Bake topped for 10-12 minutes at 425
Note: Pizza stones cook a perfect pizza!

With a stand mixer this is a cinch!  It is not too bad to do by hand either.




  1. I just ate dinner and I'm full, but my mouth is STILL WATERING over this pizza...

  2. It was so good. I will seriously plan on making it for you when we come meet that sweet baby boy we're all waiting on. You tell me the toppings you want and I'll do the rest!